God is one, but He is not alone ... Father, Son and Holy Spirit GOD IS LOVE!!!



Dear brothers and friends on the Internet, proceeding to the development of our time, we have considered it wise that the Holy Archbishop’s office of the old world calendar to acquire official internet voice.


No way can this voice do the work of the pulpit but the technology, my friends, is developing so we are at the side of whatever is good and blessed.


The proper use of the Internet can, sometime, do us good and the voice of our Lord can be heard and spread all over the world.


Welcome to our site and I hope we all become one company talking and changing views, thus creating a new site far from the old situations which deplored and alienated people from God’s way.


We are in favour of having talks and dialogues, among representatives and simple people of different faiths because we strongly believe that talks and dialogues contribute to the obliteration of religious fanaticism, which most of the times, leads to extremity. We aim at the good fellowship of people regardless of their faith, and at the respect of our fellow men despite their religious difference.


All together in one voice full of love and faith.


Welcome to our site


P.E. Parthenios A’ the primate of Athens and whole Greece