A. M. Archbishop of Athens and all Greek of the followers of the old calendar

Mr PARTHENIOS A’ (birth name Vassileios) was born in CHANIA CRETA.

He grew up in Kalamata where he graduated the high school. Then he continued as a third-year student in the middle Ecclesiastical Frontistirio of Kalamata and after that in the Risareion Ecclesiastical School of Athens where he was a sacristan of the Holy Church there.

At the age of fourteen, he was appointed Sunday school teacher by the Reverend Bishop of Messinia Kyro Chrysostomo Themeli and he taught in the Sunday School of the parish of Saint Ekaterini in Kalamata. In the meantime he finished his studies in the English language, computer operation, attended seminars in Journalism in a private School.

On the third of June 2001 he was consecrated Deacon by the Reverend Bishop of Karthageni, Kyro Chrysostomo, following a venerable order, given by Reverend Patriarch of Alexandria Kyro Petrou Z’ and he served as Patriarch Deacon in the monastery of the Patriarchate in Athens (Holy Church of Saint Athanassios in Kypseli) where he promoted rich cultural actions an communication with young people. He worked in the offices of the exarchate in Athens at the same time.

During these years, he was awarded a prise by the Reverend Patriarch of Alexandria Kyro Petrou Z’ during his official visit in the Church of Greece with the presence of Reverend Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Kyro Chrystodoulo. He was also Deacon in the Holy Metropolis on the Syros Island, in the Holy Monastery of Virgin Mary of Tourliani in the village of Ano Mera in Myconos.

In December of the same year he felt the need to be admitted to the Martyr’s Church of the Patrio Calendar and was installed in the Holy Monastery of Saint Archangel in the city of Keratea in Attica.

On the 7th of December 2003 he was consecrated presbyter given also the posts of Archimandrite and confessor by the Reverend Bishop of Elefsina and Salamina who later became the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, Mr Seraphim.

On the 10th of October 2004 he was elected (by the Holy Synod of the followers of the old calendar of Greece) Bishop of Karioupoli and was consecrated on the 13th of November 2004 by the Bishops of Elefsina and Salamina, Mr Seraphim, of Epidavros Mr Nikiforo, N. Krinis and Anneon Mr Methodio together with the Bishop of Kambania Kyro Vassileio in the Holy Church Virgin Mary in Salamina during the Holy mass.

He proceeded in founding the missionary brotherhood in Agia Paraskevi which has the offices in the Holy Monastery of Virgin Mary Maniatissa in the suburb Lefctro in Messinia. He himself is the owner of it.

He was elected Bishop on the 17th of January 2009 given the title Kariopoleos, Oitylon and the whole name from the Synodic decision.

Then, after the Reverend’s suggestion he was to be responsible for issues of Christian education youths.

He was elected Archbishop unanimously by the Holy and sacred synod on the 27th of January 2014.


Apostle of the Holy Archdiocese

  • Archbishop of Athens & All Greece, Parthenios I (Chairman)
  • Bishop of Karyoupolis, Mr. Asterios (Assistant to the Archbishop)
  • Archimandrite Antonios Study(Chancellor)
  • Archimandrite Polykarpos Labetis (Prefect)
  • Archimandrite Ioakeim Boukkos
  • Archimandrite Theotokratos Lykai
  • Protopreservant Ioannis Kapaktsis
  • Protopresent Petros Ceca
  • Elder Marinos Samamelides
  • Elder Panagiotis Kiochos
  • Holy Priest of Nikephoros of Agiopartenitis
  • Subdivision Theoclim of the Holy Spirit